Internal Wall Insulation


With energy prices escalating it has never been more crucial to reduce wasteful heat loss. With 30% of heat lost through external walls Internal Wall Insulation is one of the most effective heat loss reduction methods available.

Internal wall insulation can be the ideal solution for heat loss especially in properties constructed with solid walls. These properties cannot be insulated through the traditional cavity wall insulation method. It is also ideal on properties were external insulation is not practical or permissible for example in conservation areas or listed buildings and indeed where you wish to maintain the look of the building.


By insulating your external walls internally, a thermal barrier is created. This barrier prevents heat escaping from the room. At the same time, it prevents unwanted heat entering the room. This is similar to the way a flask keeps drinks hot or cold.


Regulate the temperature of your rooms:

By insulating your internal walls it will help keep your home at the ideal temperature. It will be warm in Winter and cool in Summer?

Reduce your energy bills by £100’s a year:

you could save up to 30% on your heating bills by insulating your internal walls.

Reduce your "carbon footprint":

do your bit to save our planet. By insulating your internal walls, you will make your home eco-friendlier. You will also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the carbon emissions emitted into the atmosphere.

Improves your energy efficiency rating:

Insulating your internal walls correctly will increase your homes energy efficiency rating. The higher your rating the more desirable your property is if you wish to sell it.